image of 3-pack of Macadamia Oil Foot Masks
image of 3-pack of Macadamia Oil Foot Masks
Image of macadamia oil
Image of moisture lock no mess
Foot mask 4 steps Instructions for use with images
Image of moisturized feet - For soft smooth feet after one use
Image of 2 sock masks per package
Image of foot mask with macadamia oil package (back)
Image of amope pedimask 20 minute foot sheet mask out of package
Image of woman wearing amope pedimask 20 minute foot mask on both feet

Amopé® Pedimask™ 20-Minute Foot Mask – Macadamia Oil – 3-pack


Also available in:
1-pack 3-pack 6-pack 12-pack

Add a finishing touch to your footcare routine with the Macadamia Oil Amopé® Pedimask. For a mask that helps to hydrate and moisturize your feet, this Pedimask is easy to use and leaves very little mess. This mask is designed to stay in place on your feet, allowing you to sit back and relax as you treat your feet. With super hydrating, rich ingredients, the Macadamia Oil Pedimask gives your feet everything they need for a long-lasting treatment. Use as part of your usual routine to help moisturize dry skin.


The dual layer technology ensures high absorption rate of cream. Moisture is locked in with secure tab, meaning that you can enjoy a non-greasy, no-mess experience. In just 20 minutes, you can enjoy softer feet, meaning this treatment can fit into any busy schedule. The Macadamia Oil will deeply moisturize your skin. It is a proven natural ingredient that will moisturize your skin and keep it looking healthy.


How to use the Macadamia Oil Amopé® Pedimasks

  • Get your feet ready
  • For best results you should clean your feet before using the nourishing Pedimask
  • Put it on
  • Put on the sock with the creamy layer to the inside and close the seal.
  • Let it do the work
  • Wait 20 minutes for a great nourishing effect. Please avoid walking in the Pedimask.
  • Unwrap it
  • Lastly open the seal, pull off the sock and spread any cream residues across the skin.
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