Fall in love with your beautiful feet from Amopé®

Amopé® means “love my feet” in Portuguese and was created out
of the idea that beauty and skincare shouldn’t stop at the ankles.
This drives our mission to make it easy for you to love every step.

Amopé® has a passion for beautiful feet, which inspired us to create a range of specially designed foot care and pedicure products, developed by foot care experts, that make a noticeable difference to how your feet look and feel. Now you can be confident in showing off your beautiful feet for all of life’s moments, thanks to Amopé® pedicure products.

Affordable spa-like luxury from the comfort of your home

Beautiful feet should start with beautiful skin and the Amopé® line of spa-inspired products is designed to help your feet look great and feel great with every step. Indulge in self-care spa days experiencing products that renew and transform your feet into something beautiful. Amopé® offers a sophisticated range of devices, foot file refills and foot masks for more intensive home spa treatments and pedi beauty regimens so your feet look and feel their best.

Image of woman’s smooth clean feet walking on hardwood floor

image of  a woman sitting down with high heels on

When you show your feet the love they deserve, it shows.

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