Keep Your Feet Pedi Perfect

Keep your feet pedi perfect with a bit of time and a little effort, you’ll have silky feet and perfectly polished tootsies that will leave everyone envious, during a quick home pedicure. However, if you’re not careful, you could be causing more harm than good. From cuts, to the right time to use a file, we’ll take you through some of the most common pedicure mistakes, and how to avoid them, to keep your feet pedi perfect.

Cutting Your Feet

Cuts can easily happen at a moment’s notice, especially if you aren’t paying attention. From catching the skin with a nail clipper to just a small graze away from filing, you could end up with a bacterial or viral infection if the cut is deep enough. This can particularly happen if you trim the cuticle, which you should leave alone, or in the hands of professionals.

Not Letting Your Feet Dry

Similar to above, once you’ve colored your toe nails beautiful it’s important to keep them dry. Wear flip flops after applying polish, and try to keep them that way until the polish has set. It can take some time to dry completely so expose your feet to some fresh air to help.

Top Up Your Nails

It’s quite easy to forget that after all that work, you will also want to protect your toes and feet from the Sun. UV blockers in sunscreen can turn your nail polish yellow, so if you apply it, wipe your nails down afterwards with a towel. A topcoat will protect your nails from the sun, but over time it can break down, so remember to top up your nails every few days to keep you covered.

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