Caring for cracked heels


Tips for Cracked Heels: Solutions for the Summer Season.

Summer is on its way! Soon you’ll want to get your feet out in all the beautiful sandals and strappy high heels. Read on to learn how to care for cracked heels in time for sandal season..



No Need to Hide Your Cracked Heels!

Cracked heels – or heel fissures as they are sometimes known – are a common foot problem, but they shouldn’t mean you have to tuck your favorite shoes away in the cupboard. If you’re hiding your heels because of cracked skin, here’s what you need to know – and how to get them looking and feeling soft and supple once again. 



How to Avoid the Most Common Causes of Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can occur for a number of reasons, including lack of moisture and wearing open-back sandals or shoes. If you’ve noticed symptoms such as dry skin thickening around your heels, or you have cracked skin or heel pain, then knowing the causes can help you understand the condition. Our tips for cracked heels could also prevent further relapses from happening.


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