Go Barefoot

Let your healthy feet breathe and the blood flow by walking around barefoot at home.

Does it help?
Walking barefoot has its advantages. It helps improve blood
circulation, stimulates the foot’s sensitivity and induces a
state of relaxation. Take advantage of nice weather by slipping
off your shoes and walking barefoot at home, in the park
or at the beach. 

Here are a few foot care tips

• The first few times you walk barefooted, a sandy beach is better than one with pebbles or a soft meadow on a hill rather than a trail in the forest. 

• Avoid stepping on dirty or sharp objects. 

• Always carry your shoes with you and if you don’t think the ground is clean, put them on straight away. 

• Don’t overdo it. At first the tendons and joints in your feet and legs may get stressed, causing pain and inflammation. 

• When you get home, wash your feet well with a footbath, dry them carefully and apply a moisturizer to keep them soft.

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