Beautiful feet every day

With my daily routine, my feet always look good.
Kim, 36, Yoga trainer

“I just love doing yoga – that’s where I can really relax. In my courses, I communicate this feeling to my students as well. My feet are often the focus of attention. This is why I want them to look beautiful and well cared for. I used to go to the salon, but now I found a way to care for my feet quite easily at home.“

Electronic Foot File

Kim removes any excess hard skin from her feet once a week using Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals. The Micralumina™ roller head gently removes rough patches of skin – all in less than two minutes.

Daily Moisturizer

In an additional step, Kim applies Amopé Pedi Perfect™ Daily Moisturizer to her feet once a day. This special formula provides the feet with moisture all day long.

Melanie’s Express Pedicure

Sophie’s Complete Pedicure

Marie’s Night Care

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