Amope pedi perfect, pedi perfect roller refill, pedimask
Amope pedi perfect, pedi perfect roller refill, pedimask
Pink white electronic foot file with coarse roller head
Amope pedi perfect mixed pack for hard skin with ultra coarse and regular coarse refills in package
Image of amope pedimask 20 minute foot mask with coconut oil package
Roller head being removed from electronic foot file
Amope pedi perfect electronic foot file on bathroom counter with two replacement roller refill heads
Image of coarseness scale for dry skin and hard skin
Image of pedimask 20 minute foot mask package with moisturizers and coconut oil
Foot mask 4 steps Instructions for use with images
Image of feet with sock masks on cushion

Amopé® Pedi Perfect™ Pampering Pack


Amopé® Pedi Perfect Advanced™ Electronic Foot File


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Amopé® Pedi Perfect™ Electronic Foot File Refills, Mixed Refills


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Amopé® Pedimask™ 20-Minute Foot Mask – Coconut Oil


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Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Pedi Perfect Advanced™ Electronic Foot File
  • 1 x Pedi Perfect™ Refills, 2ct – Mixed, Regular & Ultra Course
  • 1 x Pedimask 20-minute foot mask – Coconut Oil

Show your feet the love they deserve with the Amopé Pedi Perfect Spa Experience Pampering Pack.

Renew and transform your feet with the Amopé® Pedi Perfect Advanced™ Electronic Foot File. This foot file is the ultimate pedicure tool for a great foot spa experience at home. Gently rotate the Amopé® Pedi Perfect Advanced™ Foot File over your hard, thick skin to remove dead skin from feet.  It comes with an Extra Coarse Roller Head with Diamond Crystals. The Micro-abrasive particles made with finely ground diamond crystals smooth hard skin effortlessly leaving you with visibly, touchably smooth feet.

The Pampering Pack includes two additional Amopé® Pedi Perfect™ Roller Head refills with Diamond Crystals. Use the Regular Coarse roller head for effective removal of light hard skin and also quick touch ups, or the Ultra Coarse roller head for removal of very hard, stubborn skin. Only use these replacement roller heads with the Amopé® Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File.

Enhance your at-home spa experience with the Amopé® Pedimask enriched with moisturizers and Coconut Oil to rejuvenate and soothe your feet. This mask is designed to stay in place on your feet, allowing you to sit back and relax as you treat your feet. Experience soft, smooth feet after just 20 minutes. With super hydrating, rich ingredients, the Coconut Oil Pedimask gives your feet everything they need for long-lasting hydration. Use as part of your usual routine to help moisturize dry skin.

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