Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, Regular Coarse 1 ea (1 Pack)

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Use the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File as part of your footcare routine for beautifully smooth skin after just one use.

  • Use the roller head to gently buff and file dry skin
  • Great for use on dry feet
  • Ergonomically designed soft touch handle
  • Battery operated
  • Replaceable roller head
  • Simple to use


The Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File buffs away hard skin in minutes, leaving you with beautifully soft feet that you will want to show off! Feel confident with silky smooth feet by using this file as a new addition to your usual footcare routine.

The sophisticated design makes this pedicure tool simple to use. Simply rotate the electronic foot file over hard or thick skin to remove dead skin from your feet. As this is an electronic foot file, only a gentle rotation is needed to buff your feet.

After you have filed away the hard, make sure to use one of our Foot PediMasks that helps to moisturize and nourish your feet, leaving them even smoother than before.

Pack Contents

  • 1 Electronic Foot File
  • 1 Regular Coarse Roller Head
  • 4 AA Alkaline Batteries


How to use

  • Unscrew the base of the unit in an anti-clockwise direction and remove.
  • Remove and dispose of both the red insulator tab and the plastic ring.
  • Replace the base of the unit and screw in a clockwise direction until secure.
  • Follow the directions inside the packaging for Regular Usage found in the box
  • Retain the outer packaging for future reference. See inside for full instructions.


Hazards and Warnings

Keep out of reach of children. For use on hard skin on the feet only. Use only on dry (not wet) skin. Do not use the product anywhere else on the body. Only use for its intended purpose. Do not use in the same area for more than 3-4 seconds at a time. Stop use immediately if irritation or discomfort occurs. Do not use on broken, sore or irritated skin. Do not submerge the product in water. This product is not suitable for diabetics and those with poor blood circulation. Keep longer hair and clothing away from the product when in use.


  1. Left my feet feeling great!
    Posted by Meggy on 27th Jun 2016

    Purchased this today and used it this evening. So happy I did!

    My feet are smooth and soft to the touch. It was fun to use and to see all the dead skin fall off!

    I definitely recommend this product.

    Not a 5 star yet as I'm sure there will be a newer better model down the road!

  2. best pedicure ever!
    Posted by Beca on 23rd Jun 2016

    My feet are truly happy! I love it! My feet are so soft..i use it whenever i feel i need to and at my pedicure product wet or dry! Thanks

  3. I kept the receipt just in case
    Posted by EmsMom0308 on 21st Jun 2016

    I purchased the pedi perfect (blue one) yesterday from CVS. I used it yesterday and today and cannot believe how my heels look. I have read the negative reviews on here and hope mine doesn't stop working. I honestly really love this product and it does a thousand times better job than I could ever do in the shower with a pumice stone.

  4. great but want extra coarse refills!!
    Posted by lisa on 20th Jun 2016

    I bought this for my feet and is is excellent! I am a nurse and on my feet for 12 hour shifts, i used to use the foot blade to shave the callous off. this is sooo much safer and much better results, no comparision, i just cannot find the extra coarse refills, atleast 3 xtra coarse to a pack, everyone is sold out!! that speaks for itself what a great product!!

    Posted by Baby Bears on 20th Jun 2016

    I have looked all over the packaging and the website and cannot find any information concerning warranty. Is there any warranty?

  6. Thank you!
    Posted by Twins2012 on 10th Jun 2016

    I just wanted to thank you for making a wonderful product. I am a nurse and mother of twins I spend many many hours on my feet. I am always rubbing my feet every night. Every time my little twins would see the commercial they said mommy that is for you. I finally treat myself one Mother's Day and I felt such a difference in one use. I just love it and the feel of my feet. I will continue to use your product and recommend to my friends and family. My feet look amazing. I just wish I had got it sooner. Keep up the good works and thanks


  7. This product is amazing! It really works!
    Posted by Michael Knight on 9th Jun 2016

    I've always had rough, hard, and dry skin on my feet and I just ignored it, thinking that there was nothing that could be done about it. But then I saw this product at a pharmacy and decided to buy it and already from the first use, my feet were much smoother. Then I started to care much more care of my feet and bought many more foot care products such as an exfoliating cream and pumice stone. Then I bought the replacement roller heads with diamond crystals and the results have been amazing. I never imagined my feet can be so soft and smooth. Using the extra coarse roller head and then the soft touch roller head makes the skin of my feet soft to the touch, so that now I enjoy touching and rubbing my feet to feel that great softness and smoothness. So I would just like to say thank you to Amope for making such a great product and giving me somet

  8. rollers r a waste
    Posted by Lace on 20th May 2016

    the replacement roller should be available in packs all the same . I do not use them all so it is a waste of money to buy the ones u do not use.

  9. Not a gimmick
    Posted by Pencilmarks on 18th May 2016

    So happy I took a chance and bought one of these. I build calluses faster than anybody I know, and this thing makes it easy to keep up with them! Have two heads, one rough and then a smoothing one. Love this thing.

  10. Love it
    Posted by Tiffany on 15th May 2016

    I got this for a Xmas present from my boyfriend and I love it !!!! It works amazingly!!! I can't believe how well it worked !! People that say its junk are silly !! Best thing ever !! Wish I had the nail one or I would love to get a new one !! Mines getting a lil wore out!!

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