image of the fabulous feet bundle
image of the fabulous feet bundle
Amopé® Fabulous Feet Bundle

Amopé® Fabulous Feet Bundle


Amope® Pedi Perfect Pro™ Waterproof Rechargeable Foot File


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Amopé® Pedimask™ 20-Minute Foot Mask – Lavender Oil × 2

$3.58 each

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Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Amopé® Pedi Perfect Pro Waterproof and Rechargeable Electronic Foot File
  • 2 x Amopé® Pedimask Lavender Oil 20 Minute Foot Mask


The Amopé® Pedi Perfect Pro Electronic Foot File is a waterproof device that allows you to tackle dry feet, even in the shower or while taking a bath. Gently roll the specially designed roller head over the hard skin on your feet to help file and rejuvenate your feet.


Add a finishing touch to your footcare routine with the Lavender Oil Amopé® Pedimask. For a mask that helps to hydrate and moisturize your feet, this Pedimask is easy to use and leaves very little mess. This mask is designed to stay in place on your feet, allowing you to sit back and relax as you treat your feet. With super hydrating, rich ingredients, the Lavender Oil Pedimask gives your feet everything they need for a long-lasting treatment. Use as part of your usual routine to help moisturize dry skin.


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