About us

Introducing the Amopé® premium foot care range.

Amopé® means “love my feet” in Portuguese and was created out of the idea that beauty and skin care shouldn’t stop at the ankles. This drives our mission to make it easy for you to love every step. 

Amopé® has a passion for beautiful feet, which inspired us to create a range of specially designed foot care and pedicure products, developed by foot care experts, that make a noticeable difference to how your feet look and feel. Now you can be confident in your beautiful feet for all of life’s moments, thanks to Amopé™ Pedicure Products.


Your feet. Your feet are the toughest, hardest-working part of your body. Everywhere you've even been, they've taken you.

Isn't it time to show them some love? Don't they deserve to be the best they can be?

Think back to how they used to be: carefree, ready for anything. They never failed you. They always looked great.

There's no reason you can't feel that way all through your life.

At AMOPÉ, we believe your feet (should) look great, feel great with every step.

With the right care, the right tools, your feet can be transformed and renewed. Becauce when you show your feet the love they deserve, it shows.



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