Foot care and Pedicure Top tips



Fungal Nail Infections - What You Need to Know

Fungal nail infections are a common problem that can affect any nail, but most commonly the ones on the feet.



An Express Pedi How to Guide!

Regular foot care is important for preventing dry skin and calluses on the feet, as well as helping you to get healthy, beautiful looking feet, and one of the easiest ways to do that is with the Amopé Express Pedi. 



Learning About the Causes and How to Prevent Cracked Heels

Your skin is like a human shield; it protects you from dirt and infections. But it can’t protect you properly if it’s injured. Cracked skin is one such ailment. It’s painful, and not the most aesthetically-pleasing thing in the world! .



Insoles Explained

Whether standing or walking, most of us spend well over half of our life "on our feet". This is fine, because an active life keeps us fit. However, considering that on average, a human being walks three times around the earth during a lifespan, the strain on our feet is enormous.  



Best Ways to Protect your Feet

Fungal foot infections like athlete’s foot are something that we’ve all heard of, but beyond knowing that it affects your feet and it’s probably unpleasant, how many of us really know what it really is, and what problems it can cause?



 Tips for Avoiding Fungal Nail Infections

A fungal nail infection affects the keratin that makes up the nail. It is caused by a build-up of fungi that naturally resides on your foot, and symptoms can range from cosmetic to pain inducing, depending on the stage of infection.



Moisturised Feet are Beautiful, Soft & Healthy looking Feet

Between winter boots, nights out on the dance floor, and the occasional morning jog, it’s fair to say that our feet certainly get exposed to the elements



Showing off! Get ‘Selfeet’ Ready with Pedi Perfect™ 

Don't hide your feet away. Whether you're off on vacation or just enjoying a night out, it's time to ditch those skinny jeans and boots and reach for a floaty skirt and some strappy shoes. Here is how to get perfectly pedicured feet from the comfort of your own home!


Say Goodbye to Dry Skin on Feet and Get your Feet Beautiful!

Many people suffer from dry skin on their feet. Unlike other parts of our body, the skin on our feet is naturally dry as it has no oil glands, so it relies on thousands of sweat glands to keep it moisturized. 



Post Vacation Foot Care for Beautiful Feet

Feet often get more attention before vacation than at any other time, but what happens after you arrive home? Post-vacation feet need extra care, but with the right products you can quickly and easily restore their glory, and keep your feet feeling vacation-ready all year round.



Foot Care Prevention Myths

Old wives’ tales and half-true stories exist about most healthcare issues and beauty regimes. “Lip balm dries your lips!” or “plucking grey hair will cause more to grow” are the myths and unhelpful advice that sounds true enough to be believed, so it’s not surprising that there are similar myths around foot care. Let’s take a look at some of these myths associated with foot care and discuss the facts behind the fiction!



Keep Your Feet Pedi Perfect

Keep your feet pedi perfect with a bit of time and a little effort, you'll have silky feet and perfectly polished tootsies that will leave everyone envious, during a quick home pedicure. 



The Importance of Regular Foot Care

For the health and beauty of your feet, it’s important to take regular care to keep them in tip top shape. From daily application of moisturizer, to weekly checks, and also maintaining a healthy regime of keeping on your toes; foot care begins with the trimming of nails, and ends in the buffing and exfoliation of skin. Keep your feet beautiful, and your skin feeling supple, with a clever foot care routine that can help you’ll love your feet to even take that selfie on the beach.



Spoil your Feet Beautiful with an In-home Pedicure

Picture the scene: Calm, soothing music. The delicious fragrance of scented candles winding you down. Picturing a five-star spa? Well think again! We’d all love to spend our treasured me-time being treated like rock-and-roll royalty, ending up with soft, beautiful feet at the end of a treatment, but in reality, not everybody’s budget stretches that far!



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